April 28th - 30th Austin, Texas

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HavenCon Welcomes Cosplay Couple Muscle Geek Physique

If you’re a fan of Power Rangers, beautiful geek engagements, or just cosplay we think you will enjoy our latest additions to HavenCon 3. We are very happy to have Muscle Geek Physique joining us for our 3rd year. If you haven’t seen the announcement, check out this article by…

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HavenCon Welcomes Table Top Lounge Sponsor Dragon’s Lair!

We’re pleased to announce that Dragon’s Lair Toys and Games will be joining us as our Table Top Lounge Sponsor for HavenCon 3. Dragon’s Lair will be running various game demos, tournaments and more in our new and improved Table Top space at the Double Tree Hilton North Austin. We’re…

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HavenCon Welcomes VR Event Sponsor Phaser Lock

We’re very excited to announce that a much requested event/gaming experience will be available at HavenCon 3. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Phaser Lock Interactive, we will have 2 HTC Vive and 1 Oculus Rift setup showcasing their games! Additionally, they will be providing equipment for our VR Iron…

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HavenCon is the first all-inclusive geek and gaming convention in Texas to focus on the LGBT+ and Ally communities.

It is an event people from all over can attend to enjoy their favorite fandom without the fear of judgment or harassment for simply being themselves.

Various artists, vendors, creators, and developers can come to show their support for the community or to raise awareness for an LGBT-focused project of their own.

HavenCon also provides a forum for discussions people feel passionately talking about in a safe and friendly manner such as: how to be a better ally to the LGBT+ community, diversity in game development, writing in and for the LGBT+ community, and many others.

HavenCon does not drive an agenda. Rather, it focuses on bringing people of various communities and fandoms together to be themselves and have fun.