A Fond Farewell From Founder Shane

To: The HavenCon Community
From: Shane Brown, Creator of HavenCon

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that this will be my last year organizing HavenCon as well as the final year of HavenCon itself.
Before I proceed, please know that HavenCon 4 is going as planned with no changes to programming, dates, or anything else and we want to see you all there for one last hurrah!

The reason for this departure is that I must return my focus to my health. While I had hoped to find employment that would provide medical benefits while still working on HavenCon, I have found that my attention always returns to HavenCon solely.

As most of you are aware, the staff, including myself, do not receive compensation for working on HavenCon. We don’t work on the show to benefit from the community, but rather so that the community benefits from our work. And it has been an absolute pleasure to work so hard on the event that the community has grown to love.

It is from that love that we have grown as a group and that I, personally, have grown as an individual. I learned so much about the individuals that make up an entire community that it has honestly changed me for the better for the rest of my life.
I will forever be grateful for that gift from you all.

I know there will be a lot of disappointed people, I include myself in that category. But it is my hope that we can all take what we have learned from HavenCon, that like minded people can co-exist regardless of race, religion, identity or any of the other multitudes of differences that makes us unique in our own way, and we can spread that message throughout our immediate worlds and from there into the wider world at large.

As you made HavenCon your home in Austin for a few days each year, make yourself a Haven for others each day, and show them the kindness you have shown us. Embrace them as you embraced us, and I truly believe we will start to see amazing changes in what is currently a topsy-turvy world.

I cannot thank each and every person that has been involved with HavenCon in one form or another enough. While 1 person struck the match, it was an entire family that kindled the fire and kept it going for all to enjoy.

I could go on for 100 more pages on the memories, the good, the bad, the craaazy that has surrounded me and this endeavor to bring everyone together, but that would just be me procrastinating in actually posting this.

Instead, I want you to know that my “door” is always open and I am happy to answer questions. I can be reached at shane@havencontx.com or if you prefer to speak, you can reach me by phone at 972-979-1799.

As a final request, I ask that you all join us at HavenCon 4 to celebrate ourselves and each other one last time.  Let’s come together and show each other that we will be here for each other even if the world tries to separate us.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it

― Dr. Seuss

I look forward to seeing you all again very soon. Come give me hugs, and if you see Haven (this will be his last appearance as he will be retiring as well) he’ll take some of those hugs too and he totally wants you all to come out and Vogue with him at the Saturday Night Dance!

With my most humble appreciation to you all,

Shane Brown

P.S. While I know this will be difficult for some, let’s add some smiles to this change.

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