HC Affiliates

HC Affiliates

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Calling all LGBT+ and Ally Businesses, Nonprofits and Websites!

HavenCon is excited to announce the launch of the Business Affiliate Program for qualified businesses, nonprofit organizations and websites! This is an affiliate program that rewards you for promoting HavenCon on a bigger scale.

Those businesses, nonprofits and websites who apply and are selected to be part of the program will be given a unique affiliate link to the HavenCon 3 ticketing page. Share this link on your website and with your fans. When people purchase tickets using your link, you’ll earn cash for every ticket sold!

After reaching $200 in ticket sales, affiliates will be paid out on a monthly basis via check, paypal, or direct deposit. Those that don’t hit the $200 mark will be paid in HavenCon tickets which can be used as employee perks, charitable donations, promotional contest prizes and more.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate of HavenCon, please fill out the application.


1 time blog post or other advertisement: 5-7% (based on # sales) of each ticket sold

Ongoing advertisement/banner/ad: 10-12% of each ticket sold (based on # of sales) and your logo on our advertising partners section at havencontx.com/sponsors

Payout breakdown:

1.  1 time post (blog, social media, etc) – $1.00 – $10.15 per ticket

0-25 sales = 5% per ticket

26+ sales 7% per ticket

2.  Ongoing advertisement/banner/etc – $2.00 – $17.40 per ticket

0-25 sales = 10% per ticket

26+ sales 12% per ticket

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