The Celebrity Charity Gaming Show At HavenCon 4

You like games, you like celebrities, and you like celebrities playing games.  Now, you can join them!

Introducing The Celebrity Charity Gaming Show at HavenCon 4.

Starting today, you can bid on the chance to join a celebrity on stage to play 3 fun filled variations of some of our favorite games.

We’ll form 3 teams of 2 and pair you up with a celebrity to play new variations of popular games.

The Teams Are:

The Games Are:

Do You Trust Me-lee?

Blindfolded Smash Bros.

Trust is important in any relationship, and this one is no different.

The Rules:

3 players will pair up with a celebrity guest to play a game of Smash Bros.  Before the game starts they will decide who is The Player and who is The Coach.

Players will face off on a randomly selected map with randomly selected characters.  However, each player will be blindfolded!

The Coach will stand behind The Player and give commands to guide them to victory.

The last team standing wins!

The TWIST:  At any time an audience member can donate $10 or more to the charity fund and choose a player to give 10 seconds of sight to.  This player can lower their blindfold for 10 seconds!

Trivia Kart

Mario Kart With A Trivia Twist

The Rules:

3 players will team up with a celebrity guest. Before the game begins they will decide who will be the Racer and who will be Question Master.

The Racers will race to the finish line on the glorious Rainbow Road!  But, there’s a catch!

As the Race proceeds, the Question Master will draw a random question card and read it to their The Racer.

If The Racer answers the question correctly all OTHER PLAYERS MUST STOP for 3 seconds.

If The Racer answers the question incorrectly, that player MUST STOP for 3 seconds allowing the other 2 players to pass (or catch up).

This will continue for each player in a round robin fashion until the last person crosses the finish line.

The TWIST:  Audience members that donate $5 or more will ask the contestants a trivia question.  The first team to answer correctly will continue while the other two teams STOP for 3 seconds.

The Dynamic Duo Bomb Squad

Bomb Corp by JackBox Games

You are the Dynamic Duo and you need to practice your bomb disarming skills.

Team up with your Celebrity Hero as their sidekick and work to disarm as many bombs as you can in the time given.

The CATCH:  Players MUST OVER ACT while defusing the bomb.

The TWIST: The villainous audience members can donate $5 and cast a FREEZE RAY on you.  This will cause you to STOP defusing the bomb for 5 SECONDS!

Winners and Prizes:

Winning a game will give your team 1 point.  At the end of the all of the games, points will be totaled and prizes will be rewarded for 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd place!

And the best part?  It’s all to help raise money for the It’s Your Haven Foundation and HavenCon!

Are you ready to play??

Click the button below to place your bid to win a spot in the Celebrity Charity Gaming Show!  Every auction winner will receive a VIP pass!


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