Join The First Annual HavenCon Cosplay Dance Competition!

HavenCon is excited to announce a very frequently requested event, the Cosplay Dance Competition!

To enter, read the rules below and fill out the registration form.

HavenCon 4 Cosplay Dance Comp Rules

The cosplay dance competition will have 3 categories:

  • Amature Solo: For those that have never competed before
  • Professional Solo: If you’ve competed before or have professional training
  • Group Performance: Group performances of any size and shape

Each category will have up to 4 slots. Submissions into the competition can be made online HERE until March 15th with performers being announced March 20th. If slots are still available at the beginning of HavenCon 4, contestants may sign up for the remaining positions at Registration on Friday, March 30th.  However, we highly encourage all to sign up ahead of time and submit their music so it can be tested for quality and content ahead of time.

This ensures you are not disqualified on a technicality before the event.

All slots are on a first come first served basis with the remaining entries going to a waiting list.  If a contestant is unable to drop out, we will move to the next entrant on the form.

All ages are welcome to perform in their respective category.

Performance and Music

Each contestant will have up to 3 minutes for their performance followed by a brief judges comment time.  You do not need to use the entire time for your performance, but it is available if you wish to.

Music and dance must be PG-13 or appropriate for general audiences. If the music is determined to be inappropriate upon submission, HavenCon staff will ask you to submit either a censored version of the music or a different music selection.

Music must be submitted no later than March 15th to with the subject Dance Comp and your name.  

Music file formats accepted :

  • MP3 / MP4
  • WAV


You must be registered to attend HavenCon 4 in order to participate in the contest.  If you have not registered yet, please do so at: use code DanceComp for 20% off your purchase.


Costumes are required to compete.  We ask that you dress for both comfort and for the all ages audience.


Dances will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Choreography: How well was the performance thought out and planned?
  • Execution: How well were the moves and choreography executed?
  • Musicality: How well did the performance reflect the music choice?
  • Character: How well did the performance reflect the character performing the dance?
  • Audience Engagement: How engaged was the audience with the performance?


1st and and runner up in each category will win special prizes for their winning performance.

And Finally

Have Fun!  The competition is meant to be fun and entertaining for both you and your fellow attendees.  Get out there, dance your heart out and have a great time!

Ready to show your moves?  Sign Up Now!


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