ALERT! ALERT! Unknown Lifeforms Have Been Detected…
Data Packet Received… Standby For Report…
Location…Scanning…Scanning…Starship HavenCon Interplanetary Bazaar…
Total Unknown Lifeforms…Scanning…8….
Additional Sensor Information….Error…Error…Sensor Data Not Available… Manual Scanning Required….
Recommendation….Send Investigation Team…Find Unknown Lifeforms Via Quantum Reception Scanner…
Incoming Transmission From HavenCon Command…STANDBY … Begin Transmission…

From: HavenCon Command

To: Crew of Starship HavenCon

As you are no doubt aware, we have a..problem, or rather, 8 problems on board the Starship HavenCon.

Unknown alien lifeforms have infiltrated the Interplanetary Bazaar and are now hiding out there, disguised as humans, plotting who knows what.

Our security detail is involved in another matter and we need everyone’s help to find them.  I can assure you, you will be well rewarded for doing so.

To complicate the matter, they appear to have sabotaged our scanners.  We’ll need you to download a Quantum Reception Scanner onto your Personal Access Device before you start your hunt.

The scanners can be found here:

If you’re part of the Apple Faction go here: IOS Quantum Reception Scanner

Android faction, your scanner can be found here: Android Quantum Reception Scanner

Once on boarding is complete, please enter the Bazaar with your scanner and look for these symbols:

Scan this to test your Quantum Reception Scanner

Once scanning is complete, you’ll see one of two images.  Green and our fleet mascot is good..that is good and no unknowns are present, if you see Red it will reveal the alien.

Now, these aliens are obviously clever, they made their way onto the ship undetected until now.

They may try to bribe you or otherwise wiggle their way out of being reported. Here is where you have to be MORE clever.  Collect the bribes and lure them into a false sense of security, make them believe they are safe.  Once you have found all 8 intruders and collected their bribes as proof, return to the Command Center and you will be rewarded.

DO NOT ALERT OR OTHERWISE INFORM THE OTHER CREW MEMBERS OF THE ALIENS LOCATION.  We don’t want to start a panic or scare the intruders further into hiding.
We’re relying on you, do your best and we’ll find out exactly what they are up to.

Further details will be provided as we prepare for launch.

If you still have not obtained a boarding pass, please register at https://havencon.regfox.com/havencon4 

Enter code NewYear to keep a few creds in your pockets.

Good luck.

HavenCon Command

We ask that you share this communication across your social networks to ensure all crew are aware of the situation.

**2-way communications are active below in the section labeled “Comments”…please utilize this section to address this alert.**


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