Founders Friday – Ch ch ch chaanges!

Welcome back to Founders Friday, where HavenCon founder Shane discusses all things HavenCon.
Today we’re going to discuss some of the upcoming changes to HavenCon 4 including the why, when, where and wha??  This time with a musical twist 😉

As you may know, we had to do a second round of fundraising for HavenCon and the Foundation over the past month. The reasons for it are too numerous to list, but essentially we just have not reached our attendance and sponsor goals for the year yet. So in order to move forward with the show, we had to do our fundraiser. It was also a great way to introduce the Foundation and show folks just a small portion of what we have planned for the future.

We’re very excited to be moving forward and while, for now, we are on hold with Foundation stuff, we can’t wait to show you even more of what we have planned in the future.  There will be a lot of announcements at HavenCon (90 days!) detailing some of the things we want to do with and for our community.

Because of our lower pre-registration (if you haven’t yet, pre-register NOW, it helps more than you know), we are making some changes to HavenCon 4.  First I will discuss what is NOT changing:

  • All guests are still expected to be with us, including our 2 celebrity guests and all GOH.
  • We are still scheduled for all 3 days with a possible “preview night” for Founders and Funders on Thursday the 28th
  • Our VIP suite is still going to be hosted by the awesome folks at Hops and Heroes with improvements over last year (anyone remember the lettuce incident?).
  • Youth specific activities and events are staying the same, including the OutYouth Dance, our first Youth only dance for HavenCon!
  • Upgrades!  You can now upgrade your ticket!  If you have a 3-day and want to become VIP, you can do that!  Want one of the new Ambassador level tickets (more below)?  You can do that too!  Just email and they will be happy to help.

What IS changing?

  • Instead of a VIP dinner and show, we will be having a VIP reception style meet and greet and a special event that will be open to all (VIP will have food and drinks included in their ticket purchase, however others may purchase drinks and snacks during this time as well).
  • We have created an Ambassador level pass that now includes an autograph voucher AND a special dinner, off site.  The Ambassadors will be joining Shane at a local restaurant for dinner on Friday (tentatively Japanese faire to accommodate as many people as possible) where we can all talk, relax and have fun away from the hubbub of the convention for just a bit.  This will be scheduled during the Youth dance.
  • Sponsorships are now closed and we will be lowering the prices on our remaining tables and booths.  These will only provide the space, the advertising options will only be available as a separate purchase on our advertising page.

A note on Sponsorships:  We generally don’t pursue too many large companies for sponsorship unless they directly relate to our mission.  We don’t want to become another corporate sponsored LGBTQ+ event and so we look to smaller, local LGBTQ+ companies, creators, etc.  And so our pricing is based on the idea that they are A. Affordable and B. Give value to the sponsor in the form of advertising, onsite exposure, and more.

In the past we have seen and heard of the links being provided resulting in sales both before and after the convention (some ordered an item to be picked up at the show for example) and so we wanted to expand on that.  But, after listening to feedback, it seems the majority would rather just have the booth.  We are happy to do that, however, creating the links, posts, etc on the sponsors page takes time and effort, so we felt removing that from the “package” and just going with the “traditional” table/booth only format would help those wanting to be a vendor at HavenCon.

It is my hope to have the new vendor options available next week, if not sooner.

Please note this will not change anything for those that are already sponsors.  You will still receive everything previously included and all sponsors will take part in our Alien Scavenger Hunt game at HC4.

The team and I are always brainstorming new ideas to make HavenCon more fun for everyone, including our sponsors and vendors.  Some things work, some don’t, so we’re happy to try the next thing based on feedback.

And that is it for now!  We are 90 days away from the show and are getting more and more excited (and stressed, definitely stressed lol) each day.  We can’t wait to see you all!

Questions, comments, photos of your New Year’s midnight cheer?  Send them on to or comment below!


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