Founder’s Friday: Wielding The Ban Hammer

One of the things I enjoy the least about what I do is not allowing someone to attend HavenCon.  It’s a space meant for all LGBT+ and other marginalized groups to come and be themselves in their many forms without the day-to-day anxiety we sometimes (ok, really, right now personally it’s all the time) face.  We come to learn about each other and the things that drive us, entertain us. and make us who we are as individuals and as a group.

HavenCon is a place where we can put politics aside and focus on each other, the community, and the fandoms.


Love is not without consequence and tolerance isn’t without limit towards the intolerant.

The principles of HavenCon are simple: No hate, no judgement, have a good time.

Those that think that LGBT/POC/Others are somehow lesser need not attend. If you’re open to learning more about the various marginalized communities even if you are not part of them, we welcome with open arms.

But, if you cause trouble, if you do not adhere to the rules (no prop guns when we say no prop guns), or if we receive word (with evidence to back it up) from members of the community that your presence will cause undue grief for others, we can and do take action up to and including life time bans.

It would take a life time to list the bannable offenses.  But I will say that in general these are some of the reasons we have/do implement bans:

  • Known members of Hate Groups
  • Sex offenders that should not be at any show where children are present
  • Those that broke HavenCon rules and did not speak with staff to address the situation
  • Those that disrespect our host hotel/staff/property (minor noise complaints are not grounds for ban, don’t worry)

We stay ever vigilant and take action when necessary.  Our community has been fantastic in helping us point out troublemakers, and we have listened and will continue to do-so.

To date we have only banned a total of 4 people.  Each for varying reasons, some with discussion and some immediate and without recourse.

Other people have been asked to not attend out of concern for the “drama factor” and have been gracious enough to follow through on that request for that particular year but can attend in the future.

We know this may effect our attendance #s and maybe even growth down the line, but, I would rather get together with 1000 awesome people than surrounds myself with 5000 questionable ones.

We live in some strange times, especially when it comes to politics, “politics”: (that label everyone keeps trying to use to explain drama or issues that actually have nothing to with politics and generally only resides online).

We’re here, together, to take a break from all of it.  Politics can flood our every day lives, it can drown out some of us (HavenCon included), and we want you to know that (unless you want to run a panel on the subject) we try to keep ours to a minimum.

I hope this provides some insight for you, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, sound off in the comments!

Next week I’ll focus on something more fun 😉



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