HavenCon 3 Interpreters Schedule

HavenCon 3 Interpreters Schedule

Good morning and Happy Easter, if you celebrate.
Below you will find the current list of events that will have interpreters available at HavenCon 3.
We want to give a very big thank you to our Disabilities Liaison McKinzie Kiley and SOULumination for bringing these much needed services to HavenCon.  It helps us take one more step to being truly the most all-inclusive event we can be.

And now the events:

Queer Villainy
Escaping into Comics in Trying Times
Rocky Horror Picture Show (yes really!)
Comics, Community, Charity
Bi/Pan Visibility and Representation
Living Polyamorously
Queers and Capes
A History of Erotic Games
Rainbow Pyramid

To see these events and sign up, visit our full schedule at: https://havencon3.sched.com/

See you all soon!

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