HavenCon 3 Pre-Reg Ends March 1st - Enter To Win A Moto 360 Gen 2!

HavenCon 3 Pre-Reg Ends March 1st – Enter To Win A Moto 360 Gen 2!

We’re just 80 days away from HavenCon 3, and wow does the time fly!  We’re set to break our previous pre-registration records and we’re not slowing down now!

Pre-registration will end March 1st, at that time all pre-reg perks will not be available.  What are these perks you ask?  Great question!

Pre-registration gets you:

  • A HavenCon 3 convention shirt
  • Priority entry into the convention on Friday
  • Special Badge Artwork
  • HavenCon 3 Print

And of course, VIP get so much more.  Right now there are only 2 regular VIP passes remaining.

We’re also adding our Celebrity Artemis packages today.  These will get you a seat on the team of your choice while helping to support this year’s charity, OutYouth!  You’ll get VIP, a Kindle Fire with a copy of Artemis, a limited edition (only 100 of each made) bridge pin, and the chance to play the game with our celebrity guests Denise Crosby and Paul Amos!

50% of the sales will go directly to OutYouth.  (The remaining amount is for the cost of the event).

And last, but certainly not least, we are close to breaking previous pre-registration records!  So, between today and March 1st when Pre-Reg ends, when you register for HavenCon 3, you’ll be entered to win a Moto 360 Gen 2 Smartwatch!

The watch can be shipped to anywhere in the U.S. or picked up at HavenCon 3!  Not able to attend, but want to enter anyway?  Grab a Give A Geek Pass!

These passes are a great way to show your support for HavenCon and you will be entered to win too!

Now, because the day of love is coming up, let us show you just a little in our own way.  Use THIS LINK to register, and you’ll save 20% off your registration.

80 days to go!  We’re excited to see you all so very soon.

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Organizer Shane

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