HavenCon 4 Is Go! Post Campaign Thoughts And Details

Wow, where to even start!  I think some congratulations and thanks are definitely in order.

You all did it again, and I’m completely blown away by the support shown to bring HavenCon back for its 4th year.

Thank you all and so much love for what you have done yet again.

I wanted to take a moment to outline what we have coming up and give you some insight on what we have planned for HavenCon 4 and beyond.

Post Campaign:

Now that the campaign has ended we will be working on perk fulfillment.  If you purchased a pass, keep an eye on your email for a redemption code coming over the next few weeks.

If you purchased a physical perk, we will begin shipping those out ASAP, expect them some time in the next month or so once we have them in our possession.

The Give A Geek perk will be added to the pool of available passes to be given out and a form will be sent to each person that got this perk so they can designate who those go to.

Bridge Commanders, we will be contacting you with a form so we can get your information for the hotel room you purchased.

Speaking of the hotel: EVERYONE who contributed to the IGG will be the first to receive the hotel link so you have first shot at reserving your room for HavenCon 4.  We have a limited room block and this will ensure you get yours first.  Just a way for us to say thank you again for your support.

HavenCon 4 Timeline:

Some important dates to keep in mind:

  • Pre-registration opens August 5th and will be announced here.
  • Hotel room block will be announced shortly after Pre-registration opens.
  • Vendor applications will open August 15th, to be announced here with details on our new system for vendors and artists.
  • We will continue to announce guests as they are chosen, if you have not seen who our current GOH are, check them out at HavenConTx.com/Guests
  • We will announce the dates for the Grand Illusionist of HavenCon preliminaries in the next couple of months, followed by the Semi Finals!
  • We’re introducing a new contest that will determine our Cosplay Guest of Honor, brought together by Lauren Atencio.  We want to focus on the Queer Cosplayers out there including but not limited to the LGBT+ and other minority communities.  We think it will be a lot of fun!
  • We’ll be looking to bring in another awesome celebrity guest, and have some great ideas in mind, stay tuned here for that announcement as well.

HavenCon Beyond:

And finally, something we feel important to share with the community.  Going forward and starting immediately, HavenCon will be transitioning to a non-profit entity.  We feel that this is the best course of action not only for the event but our community as well so that we may continue to do what we have been doing AND grow.  This will open up many avenues to us as an organization allowing us to help our communities in many ways year round vs annually.  We’re very excited for this endeavor, and will certainly keep you all posted to the progress.

I personally cannot express enough how honored I have been to do this for 3 going on 4 years now.  It’s been a lot of work, lots of stress and anxiety, but, it’s always been worth it when I get to see the positive change it has on everyone involved.

Thank you all again, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

If you want to join us for Austin Pride this year, head on over to Facebook and RSVP for our parade contingent!

See you soon!




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