HavenCon Is Seeking New Lifeforms For A Cosmic Journey


From: HavenCon Command

Whoever is reading this, we need your help.

The Starship HavenCon is attempting to make contact with new lifeforms to join us on our 3-day voyage that is fast approaching but our signal is being lost in the noise of the universe.

In order to enhance our signal, we’re offering some..incentive..in the form of free passage.

Here’s how this works:

  1. You’ll need to purchase your boarding pass through our WEB INTERFACE with access code: Ambassador
  2. Once that is complete, you’ll receive a specially designated “link” and code.
  3. Open up your comm links and share this link and/or code. If you want to entice them, tell them they will save 5 credits on their voyage, and can in turn become an Ambassador.
  4. When you discover a new life form and they join us, you’ll receive some credits (5 to be exact).
  5. Discover enough lifeforms and your voyage will be free and you’ll receive those credits back into your account on 02/01/2018.

Now, this is time sensitive, the system is set to run only until 01/31/2018.  Once that is over, we’ll be reverting back to standard recruiting protocols so it is imperative you use all channels of communication available to you.

Our current passengers have already been enrolled as Ambassadors.  If you do not have your link or code, please inform command and we will generate a new one for you.




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