HavenCon Presents Volume: π

HavenCon Presents Volume: π

Happy Pi Day everyone!  Welcome to the 3.14159265359 installation of HavenCon Presents!  Let’s take a look at more of our awesome guests, artists and vendors that you will find at HavenCon 3, shall we?

Featured Celebrity Guest: Denise Crosby

Well known for her role as Tasha Yar in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Denise crosby has a wide range of acting credits.  From Pet Semetary to The Magicians, she’s been on screens big and small.  We are excited to have her with us at HavenCon 3.

A full bio can be found at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000344/?ref_=nv_sr_2

Feature Guest Of Honor: Comedian Cody Melcher

Cody Melcher is a witwanton and literary gentleman who weaves a tapestry of obscure observations and personal proclivities designed to delight and enlighten.

Based in Chicago, he is the producer of 100 Proof Comedy at CSz Chicago, comedy sovereignty See Every Monster, and The Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival, as well as half of the celebrated sketch duo Melcher & Hauser, and host of the critically-acclaimed podcast Tomefoolery. He has performed at SF Sketchfest, The Comedy Exposition, Arch City Comedy Festival, PrideFest Milwaukee, and more. He moderated panels for the 2015 Space City Comic Con and was a Finalist in The Advocate’s National Queer Comedy Search and the 2016 Laughing Devil Comedy Festival.

He was once given the title “Best Comedian With an Encyclopedic Point Of Reference That Also Includes The Facts Behind the Cottingley Fairies Hoax” by Dan Telfer.

The Chicago Tribune has called him “ridiculously zesty”.

“…brought gales of laughter from the audience…the likable Melcher endeared himself to an audience that clearly appreciate his quirkiness.” – Examiner.com

Featured Sponsor: FinjCo

FinjiCo has been with HavenCon since our first year, and we’re excited to have them back as our Celebrity Charity Event Sponsor (event info coming soon!).

They recently released the super awesome game Night In The Woods!  They had also premiered the demo of this game at HavenCon 2! Welcome back FinjCo!  http://finji.co/games

Featured Electric Avenue Artist: Gender Portraits

Gender portraits is an art series by transgender artist, Drew Riley, that advocates for people with gender diverse bodies, identities, and presentations. By pairing vibrant paintings with personal stories of the subjects, Riley hopes to expand the viewers concept of what gender can be, while bring visibility and validation to people whose gender or presentation through gender falls outside of societal norms. – See more at: http://www.genderportraits.com/about-series/#sthash.pPHSL9DA.dpuf

Featured Artists Alley Artist: Keezy Young

Hello! My name is Keezy, and I’m a comic artist and writer. I make Yellow Hearts, an ongoing webcomic about three childhood friends-turned criminals trying to cheat a demon. It focuses mainly on the relationship between the three protagonists–Rowan, Alder, and Levi–but there will also be lots of action and mystery.

You can follow Yellow Hearts on Tumblr or Taptastic, links below:

Read Yellow Hearts on Taptastic
Read Yellow Hearts on Tumblr

I’m also responsible for Taproot, a comic about a gardener who can see ghosts, and the ghost who falls in love with him.

I am really passionate about making comics, and especially making fantasy comics featuring queer protagonists. It’s important to me that people like me can see themselves represented in their favorite stories, and fantasy–high fantasy, urban fantasy, fairy tales, anything–has always been my favorite kind of story.

Featured Organization: WIGI

Find out more about WIGI at: http://getwigi.com

Featured Event: Rocky Horror Picture Show ft. Austin Shadow Cast

Friday Night join us for a special presentation of Rocky Horror Picture Show!

And that’s it for this weeks edition.  Don’t have tickets yet and want to save some time?  Register Online at our new store at: https://squareup.com/store/havencon

You can also pre-order your convention shirt or make a contribution to HavenCon to help us make this and future events possible.

Have a great day, now, go get some pie, you deserve it.

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