Vendor Rules

All of those wishing to sell at HavenCon must have a valid sales and use tax.  To acquire one or for more information, please visit:

The information contained within is subject to change. Vendors will be notified of any changes via email.

The HavenCon Vendor Refund Policy is:

Refunds will be provided up to 60 days prior to the show.  This allows us time to re-sell the space being vacated.  After that, no refunds will provided.

Vendor Registration and Tickets

  • Each vendor will receive 2 vendor passes to HavenCon which allows them all access except for those areas designated to VIP. Sponsors also registered as vendors will receive 2 VIP passes entitling them to all perks of said pass.

  • Vendors needing additional passes may purchase them at a discount off day of pricing.

  • Vendors can offer discounted passes to their followers by sharing the discount code online and having them register at: or onsite by informing registration they are there to see

  • Vendors must bring proof of table purchase  (if a table trade partner the correspondence showing said agreement) to registration along with a valid form of ID.  **Please note your legal name must be used at the time of Registration however, we will never disclose this name to the public for any reason.  We must have it on file for legal/contractual purposes.**

  • Vendor tickets entitle vendors (and their assistants) to visit the rest of the convention and take part in activities. As such, the HavenCon rules also apply.

Load in, Hall Hours and Breakdown Hours

These times can and will change as we get closer to the event date, all vendors will be notified immediately of any changes prior to the event.

The anticipated times are as follows:

  • Thursday Early Load in from 6pm – 10 pm

  • Friday Load in from 8am – 11am.

  • Exhibitors Hall will be closed and locked each night after the hall closes. Please take precautions to secure your items properly.

  • Community and organization tables will be allowed to secure their items in the exhibitors hall prior to lock up.

  • Saturday Hours are 10am – 6pm

  • Sunday hours are 11am – 5pm

  • Load-out and breakdown is from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. All load-out must be completed by 7:00 pm. Vendors are asked to remain set up until the exhibitors halls is closed, including the final day of the event.  Early tear down is a distraction to other vendors, our attendees and can cut into your personal sales. Additionally, staff/volunteers will not be available to assist and the loading docks will not be open until after close.

  • All loadind and unloading must be done via the loading docks.  No loading/unloading will allowed through the main entrance to the exhibitors hall as this causes a distraction to other events and attendees in the general convention space.

Vendor Tables/Booths

  • Vendors will be provided with one table, measuring approximately 6′ by 3′ , a plain tablecloth and two chairs unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • Due to the potential for overcrowding and other hazards, only 1 registered vendor or artist will be allowed to occupy a table or booth. To simplify, no table or booth sharing will be allowed.

  • Vendors must provide ample coverage for their table/booth during the entirety of the event.  HavenCon will not provide staff or volunteers for vendor table/booth assistance during the show. 
  • Vendors may decorate as they see fit. However they may not intrude on an adjoining vendors designated space.

  • Pipe and drape will be provided and may be used to hang items from. Please do not hang, nail, or otherwise post items on the hotel walls.

    Restrictions on goods for sale:

  • You must not sell (or advertise for sale) any items that are illegal to sell according to US law.

  • Explicit, adult, sexual or otherwise NSFW in nature items must be contained in a manner so that they are not easily accessible by minors.

  • You must not sell any food or drink.

  • Group/organization tables are only to be used as informational spaces for your group/organization. No direct sales will be permitted however, donations to your cause will be allowed. You are also free to run giveaways or other promotional events at your table.

Food and Beverages for Vendors:

  • Per hotel rules, no outside food or drink will be allowed in the vendors area. HavenCon has provided multiple passes so that you may have coverage for your booth or table for meal breaks. Smaller snacks are permitted, we just ask that full meals be consumed outside of the vendors area.

Other information

  • Deliveries and loading should not take place during trading hours.

  • HavenCon does not take any responsibility for goods or cash on-site during the convention.

  • These terms may be revised. Vendors will be notified of any changes and given the option of a refund if they no longer wish to attend.


We want to personally say thank you to each and every one of you for taking a chance on this crazy endeavor. Because of you we are shaping up to be not only an awesome first year convention, but something that the LGBTA communities of Austin and Texas value as a safe space for them. We could not have done this without each and every one of you.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Vendor Ops at


Thank you and we will see you all soon!









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