Important Guest Change!

Hello Havenauts!  (Yeah, 3 years later and we’re still working on this).

We have a very important announcement:  Due to a scheduling conflict our guest Claudia Christian will only be able to join us on Saturday and Sunday of HavenCon.

We know some of you only have Friday passes and we are sorry if the change affects you, we will be happy change your pass to a Sunday pass (equivalent price) or, if you want to upgrade to a Saturday pass, you can easily do that through the Growtix system as well.

We are happy that she was able to stay with us for Saturday and Sunday and we do understand that these things can and do happen.

Not to worry, we still have some fun stuff planned for her visit that we think you all will really enjoy!

Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to

We will see you all soon!

Still don’t have passes?  Save some time at registration by getting yours at:

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