Save Your Receipts! HavenCon Receives 501(c)(3) Status

HavenCon is proud to announce the formation of the It’s Your Haven Foundation.

What is the It’s Your Haven Foundation?

It’s Your Haven Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization focused building a community for LGBT+/Marginalized geeks online and in real world events.

What do we do?

At it’s core It’s Your Haven Foundation promotes inclusivity through diversity at it’s annual event HavenCon. The event gives marginalized creators and attendees the opportunity to explore the fandoms from their perspective while supporting marginalized creators.

Comics, video games, art, music and TV/Film creators can utilize both our events and our network of influencers to find support for their projects.
In the future, we will be looking to expand our events to other areas outside of Texas.
It is also our goal to establish the Your Haven fund that will provide financial assistance for diverse projects as they get started.

Why It’s Your Haven?

Fandoms are our Haven, they provide a safe place for us to escape to in times of need. We felt that It’s Your Haven showed that our events and our community could be Your Haven.

How can I help the foundation?

There are multiple ways to assist It’s Your Haven:
*Attend HavenCon – 30% of your ticket price is tax deductible
*Sponsor HavenCon – If you join us at HavenCon as a sponsor/vendor 30% of your sponsorship is tax deductible
*Donate! – 100% of all donations are tax deductible (via HavenCon site or our registration page)

Item donations: We are always looking for geek related items for the foundation and for HavenCon. If you would like to donate any items, please email

Ready to join us in a new adventure? Head on over to and grab your passes for HavenCon 4. While you’re there, please consider a small donation!

**NOTE** Only ticket, sponsorship, or donation after 08/1/2017 can be claimed as a tax deduction!


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