Syber – Made Fur You

Syber is the artist behind company Made Fur You. Creating eye catching artwork, fun crafts and one of a kind costumes. Also known for the multiple variations of her character in fursuit form made by different artists.
 Syber became interested in the furry fandom in 2000, but officially joined the fandom in 2007 by attending local meets and starting her very first fursuit.  After gaining much support from friends and furries alike she decided to offer commissions from those who were interested. Steadily over the years it has built into something amazing. Made Fur You was created in 2010. Creating a way everyone can be their character, perform and make smiles all at the same time.
Not only is Syber an artist, but also a performer as well. She has appeared at over 40 conventions through out the United States. Commonly found in one of her Syber costumes. There are 15 active Syber costumes as of now( maybe be more by this is published). Each one is created by a different artist to see variations in style given artistic freedom. Some have been commissioned and some had be done in fursuit trades.  The artists behind them are Mango Island Creations, Wild-Life, BNCreations, Don't Hug Cacti, Mixed Candy, Ruffled Designs, One Fur All, Critter Factory, Made Fur You, Phoenix Wolf, That's Furred up, Kilcodo, Fursuiting, Mischief Makers, and Freak Hound Studios.   Other characters performed as are Harley aussie, Dapper dog , Wyatt cattledog and  Beau dog; each with personalities of their own.
Creator, performer, and all around fun!
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