The HavenCon 4 Art Contests

Introducing the HavenCon 4 Art Contests!

For HavenCon 4, we are opening our logo design to the community!  You’ll be able to submit your ideas to us and then the community will choose which designs we use for HavenCon 4.  Each winner will receive a choice of prizes (below) and recognition right here at

The logo rules are simple:

No purchase necessary to enter

Entries must be submitted by July 1st.

The contest is open to all artists 18+

Submissions must be in digital format of roughly 400px x 400px and 150dpi (does not have to be square).

Final image must be roughly 12″ x 12″ and 300 dpi (does not have to be square).

Submissions must be original and include the base HavenCon logo with rainbow V (Click HERE for a high res version).

Submissions must focus on the theme of HavenCon 4: A Cosmic Journey with space (real or fiction) as the focus.

No copyright or trademark symbols can be included on the submission, a light watermark is OK for the contest round, final image must be clean of all markings.

Submissions must be made through the submission form provided below.  Emails, direct messages or other forms of submission will not be included.

The Winner will be selected by the public via online judging at

The winning artwork will be used for all branding for HavenCon 4 including but not limited to: Website, print materals, promotional items, etc.

 Most importantly, Have Fun! 

The prizes:

The first 10 submissions will recieve a 3-day pass to HavenCon 3.  Subsequent submissions will recieve a 1 day pass.

All submissions will be included, with link of choice, on the HavenCon website.

The Winner will recieve one of the following:

1 AA table and 1 VIP pass (with a helper 3-day pass)


2 VIP Passes to HavenCon 4

Total value of over $300!

Ready to make your mark on HavenCon?  Click the link below to enter!

HavenCon 4 Logo Contest

The T-shirt contest will occur as we get closer to the convention date.  Stay tuned to the Art Contest Page for updates on when that will occur.


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