HavenCon Cosplay Weapon Policy


  • All prop weapons must be approved and peace bonded at the Weapons Check booth located next to registration. If your prop does not pass inspection, you will be asked to take it back to your car or hotel room before entering the show.

  • NO GUNS: this includes actual guns, nerf, airsoft, paintball guns, squirt guns, silly-string guns, BB guns, pellet guns, ping-pong pistols or anything else that is or looks like a real gun. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we at HavenCon do not feel it appropriate to allow any gun-type props into our Haven.

  • No Projectiles: All projectile props and weapons must be inoperable.

  • Swords/daggers/knives: No real swords, daggers, knives, star knives, bayonets, or shuriken (made of metal or ceramic) allowed. Swords/daggers/knives made of plastic or wood are perfectly fine as long as they are not sharp!

  • No heavy blunt objects.  Anything that can be used to “bludgeon” is off limits.  Nerf/foam and other soft materials are acceptable.

  • Bows: No professional or compound bows allowed. Toy or dummy bows made of wood or plastic can be permitted as long as they are inoperable. Real arrows must have the tip removed and peace bonded to a quiver.


Any weapons may be disallowed at any time at the discretion of con staff. If you are misbehaving with your prop and/or otherwise causing harm or risk of harm to others, we will kindly ask you to leave.


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