6 Ways Online Casinos Can Impact Your Life

  A lot of us are now finding ourselves using a good deal more spare time in our hands nowadays. Would you miss the times of going to the casino after a very long week on the job, for some relaxation and fun? Those days could be over briefly but that does not mean that […]

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COVID-19 Still Causing Game Cancellations in South Korea

South Korea managed to “flatten the curve” before the COVID-19 cases reached levels that would force the government to enforce lockdown and stay-at-home orders. Yet the infectious disease is still in the country’s midst, and still affecting the sports-event industry. This past week, the K League announced that as two football players have tested positive […]

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Differences Between Internet Gambling And Gaming

“Addiction” is a very major word, and everyone will have heard it once. There is a category called “addiction to actions/processes”, which refers to the dependence on a certain action (for example, gambling). However, only “gambling addiction” is actually the name of the disease, and Internet game addiction was not the name of the disease […]

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