Betting on League of Legends: Your Winning Guide

The League of Legends World Championship and Championship Series include professional teams from around the world. League of Legends is actually included in the globally popular esports.

When esports began ten years ago, League of Legends became a popular game to play and watch.

A cool fact to understand is that LoL is also a great hit in gaming betting.

League of Legends Basic Guide to Betting

Here are some the things that you must have to remember when you want to start betting on LoL:

1. Examine ancient games

Before investing, research the best LoL teams. Learning more is best done by watching a World Championship Finals game. You must watch a lot of games, and Twitch provides several streams for that.

2. Know the best players

The best League of Legends player is disputed, so read this before betting. Top players like Team Liquid should stream. Player biographies include links to such streams. You don’t have to play to learn the game. Learning basketball doesn’t need playing it, just like betting, watching, and understanding it don’t.

3. Understand the numbers

These numbers are crucial for LoL estimations:

  • Kills, deaths, assists, and kill-to-death ratio
  • Minutely money and “Creep Count,” or enemy minions slain, provide experience.
  • Each point reveals something crucial about the game. Gold and experience improve players.
  • Killing minion bosses and aiding other players earns experience and money.
  • Deaths matter for obvious reasons. Watching the World Finals, the broadcasters continuously mentioning gold and kill counts, so keep track of each team’s figures.

4. Fantasy sports bet

Some US residents can only legally make money in esports through fantasy League of Legends sites. These sites are fantasy live-action sports sites that use game stats. Definitely worth seeing.

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