Difference between Social Gambling and Online Gambling

For some who is clueless with regards to online gambling like https://www.lacafettebrooklyn.com/ and social gambling, they’ll quickly think that these two are pretty much the same thing. But in reality, despite the fact that these terms are used interchangeably, the truth is, they are two different things.

Online Gambling and Social Gambling Quick Summary

Simply speaking, when you say online gambling, this is where you get to play your favorite gambling games maybe like poker, slots, blackjack or even bet on some sporting events. At the same time, it is done using real money.

Now with regards to social gambling, things are slightly different. While you can also play typical casino games in a social gambling platform, what makes it unique is that, rather than using your real money, you use in-game currency. It can be purchased from the game developer or perhaps, on the website where it is hosted. This is what causing the confusion among people.

Where it is Played at?

In most cases, these games are being played directly on the web browser or it can be on your smartphone or from the app. If it is your first time on the other hand, you can try it out on Facebook. Facebook actually host tons of social gambling games that you can try, with the one most popular is from Zynga.

To get started, do the following:

  1. Log in your Facebook account
  2. Type “Poker” in the search bar.
  3. Choose among the host that offers the game
  4. Put the information that is asked
  5. Start playing

Those are the only thing that you have to do. However, bear in mind that every game is different but getting started is pretty basic. This is why you will hardly find real money from these games.

Just a Reminder

With social games, there is still a chance of spending your real money like buying gifts or chips for other players, upgrade your account to VIP and many more.

This is going to vary on the type of game you are playing but to be clear, don’t expect that you can receive tangible value out of it.

How do You Identify Social Games?

Aside from being played and hosted on a social network, majority of the games include some sort of social interaction like playing with others, sharing your game among your followers or friends, invite others to play with you, post awards and achievements and a lot more.

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