Female Gamblers on the Rise

Nowadays, men and women tend to have equality in almost every aspect of their life. So, this means that even in gambling, men’s female counterpart is becoming more popular. Even the technology should also be credited for the inclusion of women in the gambling world. With that, women can comfortably access any gambling site at their home. This is more likely true in Ireland.

In a study, gamblers in Ireland fall at the percentages of 70.5% representing the male and 64.1% for female. Although, these values indicate the likelihood of male to gamble more, female also have a higher chance to do so.

The Females as Gamblers

Considering the gender when it comes to comparing the types of gamblers, the gambling approach of females is less riskier. Female gamblers also aim to play more on machine games that can extend their times of playing.

Another thing that can easily distinguish female gamblers from the male ones is their reactions when they lose the game. Energetic reactions are more noticeable in male gamblers. They usually show common flare of aggression once they lose.

Meanwhile, the females exhibit a more subtle approach of reaction when they did not win the game. Instead, they are more showy in displaying the signs of distress in losing.

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