Massachusetts Seeks to Curb Youth Sports Betting

The attraction of sportsbook brand ambassadors is carefully considered. Massachusetts is considering advertising guidelines for sports betting that would ensure that they target gamblers of legal age.



The Suggestions Put Forth

During a discussion panel on sustainable gaming in relation to sports wagering, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) provided information that was provided to the MGC by its employees in a document earlier in June.


The Problem of Teenage Sports Betting

Massachusetts is keen to address issues with underage gaming that allegedly exist in other states. Based on the National Council for Problem Gambling, about 60% and 80% of adolescents in high school claim to have wagered money on gambling in the previous year. The epidemic and simple access to internet gambling, according to the organization, have increased hazards for young individuals.


Massachusetts Laws Are Changing

If accepted, the suggestions may eventually be incorporated into the sports betting laws that the MGC is now reviewing for approval. But it can be weeks before official action takes place. The MGC must adopt up to 225 restrictions before sportsbooks may open in the Commonwealth. Each will probably be taken into account separately, enabling commissioners to determine whether an urgent ordinance is required or not, however urgent laws take full effect more swiftly.

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