Most Helpful Gambling Advice You’ll Ever Receive

Know when to hold ’em and how to fold ’em, as the classic Kenny Rogers song goes. Although that lyrical counsel may seem spot-on, Kenny Rogers is not the best person to turn to for poker instruction.

Learn to Manage Your Finances

In addition to being a crucial ability in everyday life, it has direct gambling implications. Your gambling mentors are failing you if they don’t devote a minimum of a third of their attention to teaching you how to manage your bankroll. When money is no longer an issue, everyone loses.

Stay Under the Radar

A player’s welcome quickly fades if they’re always trying to make a scene. Don’t lose your cool if you dislike how a game is played or think the casino has cheated you. Show proper courtesy and deference. Casino management is not the person who has to hear your complaints; it’s the casino staff.


Rather than trying to find a foolproof strategy to win at the casino (there isn’t one), the best piece of gambling advice you’ll ever receive will help you keep a level head and a steady bankroll. Everyone needs to learn when it’s time to stop playing rough. These bounds vary from person to person.

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