The Increase of Online Gambling and Gaming Addiction During the Pandemic

During the Covid-19 lockdown, the addiction on gaming and online gambling elevately soars up.

The said statement came from health experts of the mental sector. Factors affecting this kind of disorder prinarily include the social isolation together with stress. Aside from that, monetary issue is also a contributor here.

Detailed Information about Gaming Addiction

Generally, addiction on online gaming and gambling is known as process addiction. And, because of the pandemic lockdown that stuck most of the people into their houses, the rate of internet gambling disorder tends to be higher.

Moreover, process addiction basically activates the reward center found in the brain. The behaviors of doing so are generally similar to the actions on how people are reacting to the abuse of certain substances.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there are lockdowns and shutdowns here and there. Many people are experiencing the consequences of the pandemic on the mental aspect.

1-Social Isolation

One of the consequences is the social isolation which is an outcome of social distancing, financial problem, and employment issue. This permits people to hold on to online gambling as a stress reliever.

2-House Bound

Most of us became bounded to our houses during the pandemic. And, many have few house activities to take on. This is an open door for some to seek communication in a sociable way through online gaming.

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