Loot Boxes: is it Good

So that a game remains interesting and up-to-date over a longer period of time, so-called loot boxes are built into many computer and video games. The acquisition of virtual “loot boxes” is, however, very much discussed. According to some scientists, the concept, which is mainly used in free-to-play games, can be equated with gambling.


What are loot boxes?

A loot box is a virtual treasure chest with randomly generated items, such as weapons or equipment. These treasure chests are chargeable and can be purchased with virtual currency or real money. The purchase of loot boxes is voluntary, but the incentive is very large, because the object of the game can usually be reached more quickly with the objects contained.

However, it is particularly problematic that the players do not know what is in the treasure chests. They may need to purchase some digital boxes to get a specific item. In this way, users are encouraged to buy more boxes in order to get to their destination more easily.

Loot boxes and protection of minors

Online games are part of everyday life for children and young people. That is why it is important to support them in their digital media use at an early stage. Especially when dealing with virtual goods, children and young people should be informed about the background and the mechanisms, because experts assume that the ignorance of adolescents is being exploited.

Discussion: Are loot boxes a game of chance?

The virtual treasure chest phenomenon is not new. The market for virtual goods has risen sharply in recent years, because such additional offers are not only a further source of income for developers, but also a means of keeping game prices constant due to rising production costs.

However, it is currently being discussed whether the use of loot boxes is a game of chance due to the ignorance before opening the box and whether this must be prohibited. Scientists and lawyers are not yet fully in agreement. According to the definition of gambling, it is a game of chance if it is not the abilities of the players but rather chance that decides whether a game is won and this acquisition is paid for.

This aspect applies to the loot boxes, because the virtual “loot boxes” are created randomly and the users have to pay for them.

The principle that is used with the loot boxes can also be compared with that of the trading cards. The different trading cards are randomly put together to form a pack. Before buying, nobody knows which cards are in which pack. Only after opening will you find out whether the desired content is there, but if you want to gamble using an online gambling app, you can with 918kiss register.

it can be said that loot boxes contain elements similar to gambling

But they are not yet considered to be one hundred percent illegal gambling. So it remains to be seen whether they will be banned within a reasonable period of time and whether the developers will be punished for their use.

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