Making Money by Betting in eSports

We have different approaches to make money. Some are looking for jobs and working hard to get a promotion. There are those who are putting up their own business. While some may seem to have an unconventional way of doing it such as betting in or eSports. Gambling to make a living indeed sound strange but in reality, there are many people who’ve been doing this.

Betting in eSports is a Real Thing 

If you wish to bet in eSports, then that is okay. However, you have to come up with a betting strategy to ensure that you’ll have high chance of winning. On top of this strategy, it is also essential to avoid committing mistakes that a lot of players are frequently making.

Bet with Reputable Company

You ought to use a bookmaker that isn’t going to rip you off of your profits if you really wanted to go big in eSports betting. You have to find a bookmaker who has low margins in order to obtain the highest odds. In addition to that, the bookmaker has to limit the players who will win. This lets you have as many bets as you wish.

Take Advantage of Stacking Method

To be able to place bets, you’ll need cash. It sounds simple but taking care of your bankroll is an integral component of the entire betting process.

The best way of optimizing your money is by using stacking method. Of course, depending on the type of strategy you’re using, you can determine what type of player you are.

Perform Research before Betting

Bet only on eSport tournaments or events that you know. This might be pretty obvious when you want to generate profits. However, this is also something that many punters are overlooking. The research you are doing can be literally anything like on the game itself, the teams playing as well as the available market. If you would take time in building your knowledge, then you are going to have an easier time spotting the errors in the odds presented by your bookmakers.

Say that you are an avid fan of DOTA 2 or CS:GO, the following strategies are what is used most often:

  • Catch Up – this is the amount of every subsequent bet that depends on the outcome of the previous games
  • Forks – simply put, pairs by various bookies for the same event but have different results chosen
  • Bet on Total – on the number of cards or rounds, the opponents have to figure out the match leader

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