States to Watch For Gambling Legalization

Before 2020 ends, there are numbers of states wherein gambling had already been legalized. Take a look at Virginia and Washington, sports betting bills were legally issued there last year. And a good start of the year for Louisiana, South Dakota, and Maryland as betting was approved for legalization on the place. As the year goes, there are still lots of states that have pending bills for gambling legalization in their area.

The Different States that Anticipate for Gambling Legalization

Here are some states that look forward to the legalization of gambling this 2021:


Betting legalization on Connecticut is most likely to expect this year. The expectation rate is very high as lawmakers are claiming for almost a closed deal. Two casinos within the states are on an on-going operation while waiting for the probable legalization.

New York

The states are already operating legally in terms of sports betting. But, this only comes with the retail sportsbooks. Now, they are waiting for the legalization of the statewide mobile betting.

Mobile wagering over the states would highly support New York to be the most lucrative gambling market in the country.


Last 2020, Ohio stands on a very firm odds on sports betting legalization. Last May, they passed a House bill on sports betting but it failed to move on the next phase. However, this year, most elected officials are on the way supporting the bill’s legalization.

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