Vietnam’s Multi-Billion Casinos Faced with Tougher Post-Pandemic Challenges

As a rule, gambling is illegal in Vietnam, but since 2017, the ban was partially lifted after the government allowed large-scale casinos to operate in the country. Through a 3-year pilot program, the Vietnamese government issued a decree allowing Vietnamese locals to gamble in casinos, as long as they can present proof that they have economic means to do so.

Who are Allowed to Gamble in Vietnam’s Casinos?

Tourists, including other holders of foreign passports can engage in casino gambling as they please; but only if they have no criminal records or not under gambling addiction restrictions.

Under the 3-year trial program, a Vietnamese citizen planning to enter a casino must be able to present proof that he or she is 21 years old or older; with full civil capacity, as well as have the means to finance casino gambling as entertainment.

Financial capability denotes earning regular monthly salaries or income of VND10 million at the least, which is equivalent to S$440. Proofs may come in the form of a certification of monthly compensation signed by the employer; or copies of filed income tax returns, if self-employed.

Other proofs of financial capability may include, housing and lease agreements certified by the landlord or lessor as amounting to at least VND10 million; or bank savings account certified to earn monthly interest of VND10 million .

In addition, those looking to gamble at the casino resort will have to pay VND1 million as fee for a 24-hour pass; or for a monthly pass costing VND25 million.

Another important requirement is a permission letter written by a responsible member of the gambler’s family. However, during the course of a citizen’s gambling engagements, a gambler’s parents, spouse, children or parents-in-law can submit a written formal request to the casino to bar the gambler from continuing with his or her gambling activities.

Vietnamese Casinos Face Uncertainties After COVID-19 Outbreak

Although the trial program would have helped boost the operations of the multi-billion entertainment complexes in Phu Quoc, Van Don abd Quang Ninh Islands, the aftermaths of the COVID-19 pandemic had wrought adverse effects in Vietnam’s casino gaming industry.

Prior to the pandemic, majority of the customers frequenting Vietnam casinos were Chinese citizens who came in groups as part of junket tours. However, the Chinese government enforced clampdowns on all overseas gambling and cross-border activities of Chinese citizens, leaving much of Vietnam’s casino gaming businesses dependent on well off Vietnamese locals.

However, during the COVID-19 lockdown mandates, local Vietnamese gamblers had the opportunity to engage in online casino gambling. While local play could have in part, sustained the gaming and entertainment business of Vietnam’s casino resorts, the latter group is now facing tougher challenge in competing with online casinos. Apparently, many local residents turned to online casinos as a safer, more convenient and less cumbersome alternative to land-based gaming.

Vietnam’s Casino Resorts Face Tough Competition vs Online Casinos

Although the Vietnamesse government ordered local Internet service providers to block offshore-based online gambling operators, advancements in online and mobile gambling technologies allow Vietnamese gamblers to play in a virtual betting house that locals refer to as nhà cái cá cược.

Even newcomer betting nha cai vwin has made headway as a popular betting house because it offers not only online casino games and video slots. The vwin website also has betting markets for a diverse range of local and international sports tournaments for football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, rugby, futsal, ice hockey and even esports.

Aside from its prestigious reputation as the Asian online gambling partner of Italy’s Club Juventus and A.C. Milan Serie A, vwin is licensed by leading Aisan gambling regulator PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp.) Besides, the predominantly Vietnamese-speaking citizens find it convenient that the betting predictions and online casino games are published in their vernacular.

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