Where can you find gambling?

Sometimes people play for money at home with friends. This is not punished if there is little money involved. But if someone stands on the street and offers people a game of chance, then that is forbidden.

Slot machines in restaurants and pubs

In the past, many slot machines were seen in restaurants and other pubs. But the rules have become stricter. The head of the restaurant or a waiter always has to be careful whether a child wants to use the machine. That is why some restaurants do without such machines.

Except in the casino, gambling is mainly via the state lottery. In some lotteries, for example, you buy a ticket with a number on it. The lottery operator then lets numbers “draw”: If the machine says your own number, you have won.

At the German TV Lottery, you fill out a slip of paper with numbers. If at least some of the numbers are drawn, you win. How much also depends on whether other people have won: If a large number of people happen to have typed the same numbers, the winnings are shared among them. You can get the notes in many shops, but you can only buy them if you are already 18 years old.

How exactly do you make money from gambling?

For some people, gambling is the job itself.For example, you play poker like 인싸포커 and wager money. Because they play great, they win more than they lose. To do this, they have to practice for a long time and have experience. Gambling takes a lot of time and is also dangerous: Suddenly you can lose large amounts of money, it is just a game of chance.

Other people earn money by organizing gambling. For example, an owner can set up a gaming machine. Some players win, but other players lose. With the money that some lose, the winnings can be paid out for the winners.

The owner can set the machine so that winning is rare. The more he deserves. However, there are limits to this: the state has determined that almost a third of the money must be returned.

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